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Event Coverage & Promotional Videos

A stylised video to showcase the launch of new products.


Our relationship with the Spray Aus team originated from Tribute, a Melbourne-based boxing gym we have been working with for a few years. In our time since working with the Spray Aus team, we have created multiple promotional videos to aid with product launches, as well as covered product launch events and other functions for their business. 

Photographer: Ed Purnomo

What we created

We created stylised promotional videos in line with branding for their new products and captured momentous occasions for Spray Aus by documenting their launch parties. It has been an incredible collaboration between us to produce video content that stands out within this industry. 

Services used.

. Event Coverage

. Promotional Video

Photographer: Ed Purnomo

The Result

The result was a series of promotional content for their social media channels which facilitated the successful launch of products such as the Tan Mist and Dark Side range. With different aims for each campaign, we were able to create cohesive content that tied together the promotional videos with the coverage of the event. Following the success of this, we were then invited to create content for their other business, The Walk In. 

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